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"These healthcare organizations are buying out all the doctors' offices and hospitals around the area and essentially creating these monopolies." Awards Daily’s Megan McLachlan talks to director Sandra Alvarez about her documentary InHospitable, which screened at the 2022 Miami Film Festival. While watching the 2019 presidential primary debates, director Sandra Alvarez was struck by the way the candidates on

The rising cost of healthcare is undermining the American Dream. Families who are working hard to get ahead now pay nearly $20,000 per year in insurance premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs for healthcare. "InHospitable” – which premiered at the annual documentary film festival, Doc NYC, last month – is a new 90-minute documentary about America’s healthcare delivery crisis.

Education funding lawsuit is challenging whether the state is upholding its constitution in providing a ‘thorough and efficient system of public education’ A lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of how the state funds schools is underway, seven years in the making; a new documentary film examines the impact of non-profit hospitals, U.S. health care system and Pittsburgh entities on