InHospitable goes scorched earth on UPMC, U.S. health care system

The Pittsburgh skyline is an easy sell. Show someone the view of downtown from PNC Park or Mt. Washington, and they’ll gravitate towards the pocket nestled against the water, a booming metropolis tucked along rivers, a city that makes perfect sense and no sense at all.

Standing out among the beauty are two buildings: UPMC, formerly the Steel Tower, an industrial wet-dream and the tallest building in the city, and Highmark, less an office building and more a lost set design from Blade Runner. InHospitable, the new documentary from Sandra Alvarez, premiering at the Manor Theater on Fri., Oct. 14, boldly peels back the veneer and asks: what if these buildings aren’t symbols of beauty, but of pain? What if these aren’t representative of a city’s achievements, but of its shortcomings?


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