Women and Hollywood Features INHOSPITABLE Trailer

Women and Hollywood Features INHOSPITABLE Trailer

Trailer Watch: Sandra Alvarez Takes a Look at the “InHospitable” U.S. Hospital System

“Today, what we see is that everyone but the one percent is at risk of financial disaster, from even a relatively minor healthcare encounter,” we are told in the new trailer for “InHospitable.” Sandra Alvarez’s documentary focuses on one of the biggest — yet largely undiscussed — factors of the U.S. healthcare crisis: hospitals. “Politicians, they’re always saying ‘bad pharma,’ ‘bad insurers,’ ‘bad device-makers’ — but no one goes after the hospitals,” one commentator says in the spot. “And yet, they are the biggest source of price increases in the last decade.”

INHOSPITABLE will be in theaters and virtual cinemas September 30.



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