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New Documentary InHospitable Spotlights Toxic Hospital Practices

Consumers for Quality Care Urges Community Leaders and Lawmakers to Beware of Aggressive and Predatory Practices by Their Local Hospitals

Amid ongoing predatory medical debt collection practices by non-profit and for-profit hospitals, which have persisted even throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, the new documentary InHospitable shines a light on toxic hospital practices through the lens of one non-profit hospital and its attempt to increase profits to the detriment of patients in its community.

InHospitable, directed by Sandra Alvarez, tells the story of health care system and insurer University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s (UPMC) attempts to bar patients covered by Highmark – a UPMC competitor – insurance. It tracks the journey of patients turned community activists who tirelessly fought against those efforts, including Beth McCracken, who said she advocates because “we should not have to choose between bankruptcy and our health care.” While this story is localized to Western Pennsylvania, it should serve as a warning to lawmakers, community leaders and patients throughout the U.S.


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